A little bit about "Across the Sea"

So recently I released a new song called Across the Sea. Please download it for free below! We actually recorded this almost a year ago. Our good friend Dave Wiley produced and engineered it. He was awesome to work with, this was easily the most relaxing recording experience we've ever had. Our friends Trevor of Doom and Jim Echels played bass and drums (respectively) and Joanie (my wife) played piano and sang. 

The song was recorded in a number of different environments, for instance the drums and guitars were recorded in a large warehouse. 


And the piano and vocals were recorded in the comfort of our old living room. 


We had a blast recording this and I really appreciate all the hard work Joanie, Dave, Trevor, and Jim put into this song. 

This song is the story of a criminal who has recently completed his sentence and who is now being pursued by a member of his old "gang" (crew, posse, band of unmerrymen, etc.) who is attempting to get him to return to his life of crime.The story follows the ways the protagonist attempts to stay out of trouble, and the eventual extreme measures that must be taken to guarantee that he does not return to a life of crime. Its a story about how we do things we hate doing. 

Download it for free here, and stay tuned for more news. This week is gonna be a big week! 


Posted on September 23, 2013 .