The Kickstarter Reached Its Goal!


The kickstarter has reached its goal! I'm so grateful for the support that will allow me to make this ep! Our son was born last thursday, but things were calm enough last night I was able to work on the ep. Its going to sound great. There is still time for you to pledge and get some sweet rewards for the next 9 days. "But if the project has funded why would I pledge?" you may ask.  Here's why:

1. Sweet Rewards: I'd still love to make you brisket, write you a song, play a show at your house, or get you one of the sweet prints ben roberts has made. I'm excited about the rewards and I think you'll like them.

2. All the extra money will go into our studio, The Root Cellar. It won't go towards a cruise, designer plaid, or a beach house. Our studio exists to help artists make great music who might not otherwise have a chance to. We do this by being super affordable, not charging an hourly rate so artists can be more relaxed while recording, and developing artists through coaching, songwriting, and production. A few of the artists we've worked with include Dane Gudde, Kelsey Shields, and City Life Music  (Check them out!) The pledges we receive above the initial goal will help myself and other artists make great music with the Root Cellar!

Thanks again for your support I can't wait to share my EP with you!




Posted on October 15, 2013 .